Don Dante - Amaru MuruWelcome to the website of Serena Anchanchu, Centre for Inca Shamanism. The Centre has been founded by several Q’ero shamans or paqos – priest healers –   and they invite you warmly to train with them. In the training programme they teach and initiate you to walk the path of a shaman of Mother Earth. You will start to walk the spiritual path of the pampamesayoq. They transmit their wisdom through age-old, oral traditions. This wisdom and knowledge is authentic, meaning without any Western interpretations and adjustments. In their home country and community paqos have trained students for centuries and for several decades they train Western students as well. However, the paqos having their own training programme in foreign countries is new.

Learning the basic skills of a pampamesayoq you walk a spiritual path in the service of Mother Earth. You learn to be in touch with your true self and with everything around you.

Serena Anchanchu, Goddess of the Sea

logoAnchanchu is the Quechua name of the Goddess of the Sea. Serena is the Spanish and more familiar name of this Goddess. The centre’s name symbolizes the bond the paqos have with water. According to them the path of the paqo is a path of the water. Our body consists mainly of water. We purify ourselves by honouring and showing gratefulness to the water. Moreover we live in a time of transformation. The earth needs healing, the oceans, rivers and lakes also. Therefore the paqos feel very much connected to the name Anchanchu for their centre in which they communicate their lore and wisdom internationally.

Winay munaykuyniykuwan                                                                with our eternal (burning) love…

Some of the paqos of Serena Anchanchus

Don Lorenzo

Don Lorenzo Jirillo Chura

Don Lorenzo Jirillo Chura ia a paqo from the Q’ero, community of Quico. As ...
Don Modesto

Don Modesto Quispe Lunasco

At the age of 16, don Modesto Quispe Lunasco was struck by lightning three ...
don claudio

Don Claudio Quispe Samata

Don Claudio Quispe is a paqo from the Q’ero lineage of the southern high part ...
Dona Asunta

Doňa Asunta Quispe Yapura

Doňa Asunta is the daughter of the beloved don Manuel Quispe who passed away ...

Don Dante Rafael Diaz Camala

Don Dante was born in the small community of T’irapampa, which is situated in ...

Open for registration

  1. Training Pampamesayoq Colan Group 2015

    January 16, 2015 - January 22, 2015
  2. Training Pampamesayoq – group 2015

    March 14, 2015 10:00 - March 15, 2015 17:00

Deepening Classes

  1. Deepening Class Holland autumn 2014

    November 15 09:00 - November 16 17:00

Open Workshops

  1. Open Workshop Germany autumn 2014

    October 14 10:00 - October 16 17:00
    Serena Germany Germany Organisator: Detlev Albrings
  2. Group Despacho Germany autumn 2014

    October 17 20:00
    Serena Germany Germany Organisator: Detlev Albrings

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