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Events Europe

Our Events Holland page has a new name: Events Europe. It now shows not only events of the Serena Paqos in the Netherlands, but also other European events during their biannual visits. Check for yourself!

Paqos November 2017

For the next training in November 2017, we are happy to receive Don Hernan Quillahuaman Quispe and Don Sebastian Suclle Apaza. Don Hernan needs no introduction anymore as we have enjoyed his sharings for quite some time. Don Sebastian has been in Europe before, but this is his first time for Serena Anchanchu. We are looking forward to their beautiful Andean wisdom from heart-to-heart. If you want a healing and/or initiation from them you can register by sending an email to Tineke ten Cate: ttcate@xs4all.nl . Healing and initiations sessions are also open for non-students.

New Training Pampamesayoq November 2017

Join the new Training Pampamesayoq in November 2017 and walk the path of the heart, with the light and the pureness in yourself in connection with all that is in, on and beyond Mother Earth. The Paqos will share their authentic ways of working on themselves during their apprenticeship. Step by step they guide you into the mystic of the living energy, the earth, sun, moon and stars. Give yourself the gift of walking this beautiful path and receive the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Q’ero Paqos. You are welcome to register by emailing Tineke ten Cate, coordinator of Serena Holland, email: ttcate@xs4all.nl , mobile: +31-(0)644 934 426.


Serena Holland invites you to the Crystal Mesa masterclass which will be given by Don Sebastian Suclle Apaza and Don Hernan Quillahuaman. The masterclass will be held on 24 November, 2017 in building De Elegast, Rijksstraatweg 37 in Ubbergen (near Nijmegen) from 10:00-17:00. You are welcome in De Elegast from 09:30 and at 13:00 there is a possibility to have lunch there. For this masterclass you bring 7 crystals (crystal quartz or amethyst, rose quartz etc.) and a little mesa cloth for the crystals. If you do not have a mesa cloth, you can buy one from the Paqos. The mineral kingdom and the crystals it contains are the foundation of all ...

Crystal Journey to Peru 2017

Crystal Journey to Peru 2017 from June 15 -29. Immerse in the Power of the Crystals. On this journey you have the unique opportunity to join the Paqos and be part of the world they live in. The ceremonies and initiations bring a deep understanding of the cosmos and will give you an insight in who you really are. You will receive initiations with crystals which connect you with the energies of specific stars and constellations in order to support you on your future path. For more information click on the links. Contact person for further information and registration is Alexandra Fischer in Germany. You can contact her through email: alexandr...

Paqos April 2017

During the next, current Serena training in April 2017 Don Claudio Quispe Samata and Don Hernan Quillahuaman will share their wisdom with us. They do not really need an introduction as we already had the pleasure to meet them before. Luis Alejo Mango will translate from Quechua to English. We are looking forward to the beautiful Andean wisdom from heart-to-heart. If you want a healing and/or initiation from them you can register by sending an email to Tineke ten Cate: ttcate@xs4all.nl . Healing and initiations sessions are also open for non-students.

Qotokuna (Pleiades) journey to Peru in June 2016

 Touched by the Light of the Pleiades; a Journey beyond Words A Journey of Apprenticeship to Sacred Places of Peru with Serena Anchanchu together with the Paqos and Luis Alejo. We are honoured to invite you to a journey beyond words through the sacred temples connected with the Pleiades. During two weeks of ceremonies the Paqos (Andean priest healers) will introduce you and guide you through the most magnificent Inca places. They will work with you in ceremonies on a deep level and immerse you in the energy of the Pleiadian stars and reconnect you with your star names. The Paqos will share their most sacred ceremonies and rituals to reconnect ...

Programme changes new groups Serena Holland

The paqos and Luis have announced that the duration of the training for new groups in Serena Holland will change. As of November 2015 the training will consist of 3 days in spring (March-April) and 3 days in autumn (October-November). For further information about the duration of the training programme please email the Serena Holland contact person mentioned on the contact page of this website.

Luis Alejo Mango joins Serena

Luis Alejo Mango was found prepared to assist the paqos during their travels home and abroad after the passing away of his brother Dennis. Luis is a native Quechua speaker, a qualified tour guide and he has been an apprentice of the Andean paqos for several years. His mother tongue and his experiences with the paqos enable him to interpret and translate their teachings. It is Luis an honour to carry on his late brother’s vision and mission of sharing and offering the traditions, perspectives, wisdom and medicine ways of the Andean paqos.

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