Current Training Autumn 2017
    The training lasts 2.5 years. A new group starts in November.
    • November 6/7/8 group 2016 (started November 2016)
    • November 10/11/12 new group
    • November 14/15/16 group 2015-1 (started March 2015)
    • November 21/22/23 group 2015-2 (started November 2015
    Healing and initiations (also open for non-students)
    • November 9
    • November 13
    • November 20
    • November 25
    Crystal Mesa Masterclass (see also our NEWS item).
      This masterclass is open for students and graduates only.
      • November 24
      The training of all groups, the healing & initiations  and the masterclass will take place in: De Elegast Rijksstraatweg 37 6574 AC Ubbergen (near Nijmegen). The training is from 10.00 – 17.00. The building is open from 09.30. If you wish, there is a possibility to stay overnight and/or have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Later on you will receive detailed information to make reservations for B&B and also information about the route and the surroundings. Please mark these dates on your calendar and subscribe in time.