Qotokuna (Pleiades) journey to Peru in June 2016

 Touched by the Light of the Pleiades;

a Journey beyond Words

A Journey of Apprenticeship to Sacred Places of Peru with Serena Anchanchu together with the Paqos and Luis Alejo.

We are honoured to invite you to a journey beyond words through the sacred temples connected with the Pleiades. During two weeks of ceremonies the Paqos (Andean priest healers) will introduce you and guide you through the most magnificent Inca places. They will work with you in ceremonies on a deep level and immerse you in the energy of the Pleiadian stars and reconnect you with your star names.

The Paqos will share their most sacred ceremonies and rituals to reconnect with the ancestors. The traditions have been passed down from generation to generation of the Inca medicine people for thousands of years.This time you have the unique opportunity to join the Paqos in order to reconnect with your past and your future.

Our journey will take us between the valleys and hills, where our Inca ancestors built their temples to worship our seven sisters called Qotokuna in Quechua language. The Paqos know themselves to be the Star-people, they originate from the stars and they are engaged in exchanging energy and information with the stars. The Qotokuna, or Pleiades, are considered to be the direct ancestors of the Paqos and according to them each of us is related to at least one star of the Qotokuna. Each of the Qotokuna carries a very special vibration to support and guide you; their light emanates cosmic seeds.

During our journey the Paqos will share how to communicate with the beautiful energy of the Qotokuna. The Qotokuna ceremonies and initiations will give you deep insight in who you really are. They will help you to grow your inner cosmic seeds and bring a huge understanding of the cosmos.

Enjoy the beauty of the awe-inspiring starry night,
hear your ancestors calling your name,
listen to the music of your soul,
… and remember who you really are …

We start the journey on June 16th in Lima. During our 14 days together, we will explore some of the well-known and lesser-known ancestral sites in the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Cusco area, participating in ceremonies and receiving teachings from our beloved Paqos of the Q’ero Nation and the Teachers of Serena Anchanchu.

For more information about this inspiring trip, registration and itinerary, please mail

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