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Distant healing & skype continued

As there were not enough places to accommodate all requests for distant healing/skype sessions on 21-23 May 2020, the Paqos decided to offer another day for healing/skype sessions on May 29-30 resp. If you are interested, please send an email to the coordinator Tineke ten Cate, ttcate@xs4all.nl for information, costs and reservation.

Distant healing & Skype

For those interested, the Paqos of Serena Anchanchu offer the possibility to receive a distant healing from them and to have a skype session. For information, costs and reservation please email the coordinator Tineke ten Cate: ttcate@xs4all.nl. The distant healing and skype will be given on resp. 21 and 23 May 2020.

Postponement training April 2020

We are confronted with an unusual and unforeseen situation with COVID-19 all over the world. Don Mariano and Don Santiago and their translator Luis Alejo had been looking forward to meeting you again during the training in April, but because of the global situation, they had to cancel their flights and postpone the training. Don […]

Crystal Masterclass April 10, 2020

Serena Holland invites you to the Crystal Mesa masterclass which will be given by Don Mariano Quispe Flores and Don Santiago Quispe Ccapa. The masterclass will be held on April 10, 2020 in building De Elegast, Rijksstraatweg 37 in Ubbergen (near Nijmegen) from 10:00-17:00. You are welcome in De Elegast from 09:30 and at 13:00 […]

Serena Team

Don Mariano Quispe Flores, founder;  Don Claudio Quispe Samata, founder; Luis Alejo Mango, translator; Tineke ten Cate, coordinator, coach/mentor; Hanneke van Rijsbergen, adj. coordinator, coach/mentor.


Luis Alejo Mango was born in Cusco, which was known to the Inca people who inhabited this region as the ‘Navel of the World’. His Quechua and Amyra ancestral lineages source from Inca blood. He grew up in his family with strong influences from both Andean and Catholic traditions. His brother, Dennis Alejo Mango, introduced […]

Paqos in Spring 2020

We are happy to let you know that during the coming training in April 2020 we welcome one of the founders of Serena the Don Mariano Quispe Flores and his son Don Santiago Quispe Ccapa. Don Santiago is a Pampamesayoq ceremonialist in making offerings to Pachamama and the Archetypes. Don Santiago dedicates his time to […]

Don Santiago Quispe Ccapa

Don Santiago is a Paqo from the Q’ero people of Peru, he has served his community as Pampamesayoq (Andean Priest ceremonialist who works with offerings and other natural elements of the earth) since she was young, he dedicates his time to Pachamama and bring her medicine and wisdom to the local ones. Don Santiago comes […]

Journey to Peru 2020

“TOUCHING THE STARS, IMMERSING IN CRYSTAL ENERGY” A Sacred ‘Qawaq’ Journey in Peru from June 26 – July 11, 2020 For more information on the trip please contact: Saskia Kuipers, the Netherlands Email: kuipers.saskia@gmail.com Phone: +31 650 67 1230 https://www.incashamanism.com/wp-content/uploads/Program-Peru-2020.docx