Don LorenzoDon Lorenzo Jirillo Chura ia a paqo from the Q’ero, community of Quico.

As a nine year old boy, Don Lorenzo was struck by the lightning. After that he became very ill and his family asked themselves why it happened and what kind of message it was. The family brought him to different kind of sacred mountains for healing as he had too much pain for the family to handle themselves. When they asked the sacred mountains for help they met the master and Altomesayoq Don Carmen Ccapa. When Don Carmen was in contact with the soul of Don Lorenzo he received information from Cosmos and understood that Don Lorenzo was meant to become a paqo.

Don Carmen told Don Lorenzo that he had to visit three different wakas (a place of power) to help himself and be able to receive the gifts and get the seeds from nature to become a paqo. The first waka was a pakarina (a temple of water), as water is the source of life – the beginning of all structures and who we are. Water is also connected with the blood. The first gift, which Don Lorenzo received from the water, was a lot of signs. He also got a strong feeling that something big transformed in his forehead, in his third eye. After this he didn’t really understand what just happened to him, so he was just feeling and observing all the colors of the whole surrounding nature which was stronger and more beautiful than ever. After the ritual at the pakarina he went back to his home. For the next coming seven years Don Lorenzo trained and had meetings with his master Don Carmen.

When Don Lorenzo was 16 years he was finally ready for the second waka, which was the altar of Wamanlipa. At this place he also received his first initiation. During the ceremony he connected and had deep conversations with an eagle, a fox, a condor and a big avalanche from the top of the mountain Wamanlipa. Don Lorenzo asked the master why he got all this signs and got the answer that we only receive this kind of signs when we are in deep connection with our self. So the gifts and messages that he received from the second waka were from the eagle that helped him to work faster with his vision, the fox who helped him to feel secured and release his fears, the condor told him that he was supposed to be a messenger and the ice melting into the big avalanche told him to trust that he already had all the power he needed within himself. After this Don Lorenzo was very touched and started to understand that something bigger was waiting for him. With a lot of gratitude he went back home and trained together with his master for some more years.

So finally, at the age of 21 years, Don Lorenzo was ready to visit the third and last waka, the star gate Qollority. At this place Don Carmen also gave him the second and the third initiations. As the time for the ceremonies was at midnight Don Lorenzo was scared and had a lot of fears. But when the master shared the initiations all the fears melted in the most wonderful and unique way. The gift of the third waka was to be in contact with his fears. What happened later during that night was the most amazing that Don Lorenzo ever had experienced. The Pleiades came down energetically to him and they also touched him physically. To have this contact with the ancestors and receive a big light from every Pleiades was the strongest feeling ever for Don Lorenzo. The Pleiades also gave him the message that he could from now on be free and follow the path of true nature. They also told him that he had all the tools from nature and that he was going to develop as a seer and his divination even more. He was called to become a Pampamesayoq and  Earthkeeper.