Dona Augustina

Dona Augustina

Doña Agustina is a beloved elder Paqo from the Q’ero people of Peru. She has served her community as Pampamesayoq since she was young by dedicating her time to Pachamama and bringing her medicine and wisdom to the people.

Doña Agustina comes from a long lineage of Pampamesayoq Paqos. As a Q’ero, her life story is inseparably connected to her place of birth. Until very recently most Q’ero lived high up in the Andes Mountains and so did Doña Agustina. Her ancestral home at Collpak’ucho was located more than 4,700 m. above sea level.

Living at that altitude means “to be closer to the sacred feminine energies of the Ñustas, goddesses of the mountains”, she says.

Talking about her life, Doña Agustina said it was simple, hard and happy; the memories of her youth are filled with a loving family.

She describes her first husband Esteban as a great Altomesayoq who initiated her high on the magical mountain of Qoylloritt’i to become an Earthkeeper. It was a very cold magical night full of spirit powers and after her initiation and meditation she felt such a deep connection with the light of Mama Quilla ”Mother Moon”.

Her husband encouraged her to connect on deeper levels with Pachamama and the sacred Ñustas. As part of her evolution, every year Agustina receives the great initiation renewal in the area of this magical mountain.

Doña Agustina is well known for her skillful diagnosis and traditional healing practices, her ceremonial offerings to Pachamama and coca divinations.