Doña Ernestina Isabel Quispe Chura comes from a Q’ero village called K’allakancha.

When Doña Ernestina was about 17 years she was bitten by a green, very poison, snake in the jungle. But instead of trying to run away or protect herself, as you normally do in that kind of situation, she felt something that she still can’t explain: At the same time the snake bit her it looked into her eyes and she looked back. In some strange way they were deeply connected and she understood that the snake didn’t want to hurt her, it wanted to give her all its power. But at the same time Doña Ernestina and her family were sure that she was going to die because of this. She lost her consciousness for almost twenty minutes and during that time she could hear the voices and whispers from many kind of beings and spirits. The spirits were also taking Doña Ernestina back to many past lives and also to coming lives. The family, standing around her thought that they had lost her forever, but suddenly she came back again. When Doña Ernestina opened her eyes and saw her family and friends they all looked like beautiful flowers. And together with her family she saw all the ñustas giving her their blessings and reconnected her with her feminine side that was lost. After this amazing life experience Doña Ernestina met her master and mentor, Don Manuel Quispe, who helped her to develop her path – the path of the sacred snake. The gift from the snake was to be able to see the past and the future.

Don Manuel also gave her all the three initiations in different times. He felt right away that she had the pureness and power to open up the heart of other people without even saying anything – a healer of emotions. After her third initiation she also got the message to become a tracker and help people to open up themselves and connect with their inner child.

The community considers her as a Pampamesayoq with special gifts to connect with the feminine side and power. Doña Ernestina is longing to come to Europe to meet all her brothers and sisters and to share all her guidance.