Duration of the training

The duration of the training programme varies per country. The programme offered has been developed and discussed in the Q’ero community with various Q’ero paqos. Therefore it is possible that you receive your teachings from different Q’ero paqos. Tuition days in Europe take place during their annual two visits. The first visit is in spring (March-April) and the second one in autumn (October-November). The number of seminars per year also varies per country. In the interval between the seminars you work on assignments.

The paqos will assign a mentor to you, who will be your coach and your contact with the paqos. In between seminars the mentors will do distant healings for you and Skype with you or you can make an appointment to visit your mentor. They will support you in your process and answer questions about homework or training.

For information about the duration of the training programme please email the contact persons mentioned on the contact page of this website.