Journeys to Peru

As student of Serena Anchanchu you have the possibility to make a journey to Peru.

In 2016, from June 16 – 29, Luis Alejo Mango organizes another beautiful journey: Qotokuna (Pleiades) journey, a journey beyond words.

During 2-weeks of ceremonies the Paqos (Andean priest healers) will introduce and guide you through the most magnificent Inca places to work deeply with ceremonies to immerse you in the energy of the Qotokuna and to reconnect you with your star names. The Qotokuna ceremonies and initiations will give you deep insight in who you really are and help you to grow your inner cosmic seeds; it will bring a huge understanding of the cosmos. This journey is a unique opportunity to join the Paqos in order to reconnect with your past and your future.