Serena trip Peru 2014

We are honoured to invite you to a journey beyond words through the sacred temples, mountains and dreamlike landscapes of Peru.

During the time of the Solstice, the Q´ero Inca shamans (ie. paqos) will introduce and guide you through thirteen of the most powerful and holiest mountains (apus) in the Andes. Through sacred Incan ceremonies and initiations at the ancient holy sites, you will learn how to heal yourself with great power and from that place be able to heal others. The inner spirit or seeds of who you really are will begin to sprout, grow strong, and blossom. This process will help you to manifest greater love, wisdom, peace, clarity, strength, and realization of the beauty in life and in the world.

With Victor Forselius, Dennis Alejo Mango and the Q’ero paqos.


As you journey and walk in apprenticeship with the Inca paqos, they will share their most sacred traditions of healing and ceremony with you. These traditions have been passed down through generations of the Inca medicine people for over 5.000 years. Now, you have the unique opportunity to train with the paqos one on one in order to heal the old, reconnect with the future and to come home within yourself.

Our journey will take us between the borders of the mountains and glaciers, almost 5000 meters high. You will face the mystical power of the mountains to receive the Hatun Apukuna Karpays: (the great initiations from the mountains).

”The Hatun Apukuna Karpays are the deepest commitment you have to the cosmos and your own nature. The paqos help you to allow the rebirth and growth of the inner “seeds” with which each person is born. We sometimes lose touch with our inner seeds and then we can feel lost or like we are missing something essential in how we are expressing ourselves through life.
The initiations will awake all those different gifts that we hold within ourselves that are waiting to be revealed. Awakening your seeds is, on one level, one way to prepare and follow the traditions and teachings of the paqo’s, but it has, at the same time, a much deeper meaning.
The karpays are related to your true path, who you really are and brings the gifts of your soul into reality.

You will also build an ”Altar Mesa”, a medicine bundle of stones and sacred objects connected to the sacred sites and mountains we are visiting through the journey. This medicine bundle will be an altar holding you during our journey in the mountains and is also your personal altar holding you at home in your own country after the journey. The mesa will hold all the gifts, wisdom, support and strength that you will find within yourself so that the new energies are integrated and balanced within yourself and will manifest in your life.

Tukuy Munay Niyoq!: “From the deepest vibrations of our hearts!”

The paqo’s, Victor and Dennis

Last day to register: 1 May 2014

For registration, more information and/or questions please email:
Victor Forselius: /

If you register you get a form with all the exact information how to pay and lots of extra information about the practical things for your stay in Peru.

Total Cost of the Program: 25.500 Sek, $3960

A deposit of 5000 Sek or $800 ensures your space (non-refundable).