Training course for Pampamesayoq

The training course for Pampamesayoq will start by teaching the students Andean spiritual vocabulary in the Quechua language. It is the paqos’ intention to support the students to feel empowered when they pronounce the spiritual words in Quechua. In this way they will be able to make direct contact with the paqos’ spiritual descent as well as with the source of energy and vibration that the paqos use in their work as healers.

For example, the paqos will teach the students the Quechua word “munay”. In the strict sense “munay” means “love”; however, within the context of the paqos’ spiritual cosmology and their work as healers the word “munay” includes and transcends the idea of love in the context of everyday life. In the world of the paqos “munay” is a multi-layered, living concept: it is a vibration or a packet of energy that is applied with skilful means by the paqos in order to facilitate specific healings in specific situations.

With the students the paqos will share the ways in which they work with themselves and when they were a student themselves. The paqos will share with them the way they cleanse themselves, for instance how they cut energetic cords that do not longer serve them. This is done in order to purify their systems, both the inner and the outer body. When the students prepare to step onto the Path the paqos will share with them the way they can come into contact with Pachamama, Mother Earth or the Mother, as well as the way to deepen their connection with Her. The paqos will teach the students that through this process Pachamama will open Her womb in order to support them and to help them prepare for the lives and the work as paqos.

In the first part of the training the students will receive one Karpay, initiation, from the paqos that will awaken the inner eye in order that they can see energy and information that permeates through the unseen, or spirit, world. This Karpay will connect the students to the lineage of paqos and it will support them on their path.

Later on in the training the paqos will teach the students in which way they can come into contact with the stars and how to commune with the Star, in Quechua Chaska, People. The paqos believe that they come from the stars and they consider themselves to be Star People; the paqos and the stars are engaged in exchanging energy and information: the paqos do not only receive energy and information from the stars, but they also transmit both energy and information to them.

With the students the paqos will share how to “be” Star People: how to communicate with the stars and how to be engaged in this exchange of energy and information with the stars.

The paqos will also teach the students how to become Pampamesayoqs, Keepers of the Earth – paqos who perform ceremonies, which are specific for the healing and nourishing of Pachamama. In so doing, the students will learn how to be in touch with the various layers of the earth, the various layers of themselves and with the various layers of the upper, or celestial, realm.

On a personal level the paqos will share parts of their own lives as a paqo – in their own environment and working with their medicine tools.

When you walk the path of a Pampamesayoq you will be in contact with yourself and with the light and purity that is within you. You can connect directly with the lineage of paqos and this will help you to be in touch with Pachamama. In a deep way Pachamama’s womb will open itself to you.

In addition you will be allowed to give the three most important initiations of this Path, called Hatun Karpay, to other people.