Don ModestoAt the age of 16, don Modesto Quispe Lunasco was struck by lightning three times. It is said in the Andes that if you are struck only once , you will die. But if you are struck three times, you will live. The first strike will knock you to the ground, the second will kill you, and the third strike will bring you to life again. It also indicates that you will become a paqo.

After he was struck by lightning don Modesto became acutely ill, and could not walk. He consulted his father, don Bernardino Quispe, who took him to his brother, don Manual Quispe, don Modesto’s uncle. Don Manuel became don Modesto’s mentor, and formally initiated him with the energy of the lightening and of the earth. Don Manuel also taught Modesto how to see energy and information in the unseen realms, and how to use many different techniques for healing.

Since being struck by lightning and apprenticing with don Manuel Quispe, don Modesto has dedicated his life to sharing his wisdom and offering his healing ways.